Independent game studio BreakFirst recently announced that its latest motion-controlled fitness title FitFlap will be coming to Android and iOS later this year. FitFlap fist kicked off at Google I/O 2015 last week as part of the event’s line-up of innovative new games. Google selected FitFlap as a successful early adopter of the Google Cast Remote Display API, with the game making use of a device’s (phone or tablet) built-in camera to deliver body tracking and responsive motion-controlled gameplay. What does that mean to the not tech savy? It is actually pretty simple, as players move, their device transfers the data to the Chromecast-equipped TV, Showing the players as they attempt to fly through various obstacles by flapping their arms. Judging from the sneak peak trailer flapping your arms will not be the only work out. You can see a variety of different motions in use during several mini games such as running in place. Over all FitFlap looks fun and is a great attempt to get players off the couch and involved with their games.

About FitFlap:
FitFlap is a one-of-a-kind fun fitness experience in which players take active responsibility for the weight loss – or gain – of their in-game characters, and maybe burn a few calories themselves in the process. In the game, players physically flap their arms to flutter their way through a series of colorful challenges and really get that heart pumping.

Using BreakFirst’s proprietary motion-tracking technology and devices’ built-in cameras, FitFlap precisely follows the player’s physical movements and translates them into distance flown, height reached and ultimately — calories burned. But don’t even think about cheating – this smart game can tell the difference between half-baked hand wiggling and real hard arm flapping. Do Flap! Get Fit!

We look forward to more updates about FitFlap from BreakFirst check out their official website or as always check back here at PowerLeveled.