Zak is a tiny space janitor who cleans a spaceship while everyone else is in cryogenic sleep. While “cleaning”, Zak accidentally jettisons the crew and the ship’s cargo into space. Equipped with a flyswatter and jet-pack, Zak now has to recover his lost crew-mates and cargo.

The levels aren’t too complicated in design, switching from side scrolling to 3rd person for races and what not. The game is easy enough for all ages, beautifully designed from the ground up, and a great story. It reminds me of the platformers I used to play while I was growing up.

There’s a downside though. The gameplay was a bit repetitive and the game was a pretty large download. On my PSVita it was a whopping 498MB. Anyone who’s okay with such an large download is likely to be equally okay with the gameplay. And yet, if you lack storage space, it’s probably not for you.

Overall I gave Flyhunter Origins for the PSVita a 4 out of 5.