In a world where the Xbox One can already issue a price drop in the United Kingdom, Sony has just raised the price of the PlayStation 4 by $50 in Canada.

Confirmed in an interview with the Toronto Sun, Sony has announced the price rise as a result of “changes in the market environment.” In addition to the console itself, rising costs of Sony’s hardware will not just effect consoles, but controllers and the PlayStation Camera as well – clocking in at $64.99 before applicable taxes.

Canadian retailers have already risen the cost of next-generation games domestically, as last January the base MSRP had risen to the same $64.99 price point. This adjustment will go further with Infamous: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show as new release cost rises to $69.99 at launch. Given that Microsoft’s Xbox One bundle with Titanfall included for free just hit the street, is it the best idea for Sony to be price jacking at the retailer?

This isn’t the first time Canadians have taken the brunt of costs, as it turns out. During Sony’s last major launch, the PlayStation 3 saw a similar price bump from $659 to $699 when the Canadian Dollar stood weak against the US Dollar. If you’re looking to buy the PlayStation 4 today, and you’re anywhere near the border, prices in the USA haven’t changed, and are not expected to, even as the world-wide costs of next-gen hardware move along like a roller coaster.