As one of the most important conferences for Cloud Imperium Games, many Star Citizen details popped out of PAX East this weekend. Available in its entirety through the magic of video, here are the highlights for Cloud Imperium’s presentation at the show, as well as the full video for your enjoyment below.

Straight away at the conference Chris Roberts, head of Cloud Imperium Games, got going with announcements for the Star Citizen 1.1 patch available on the PTU. We’ve worked with the patch a bit to get a hands on with the new content, but here’s what he covered regarding 1.1:

  • Gimbal mounted weapons can now be added to hard points which did not allow for them with adapters. These adapters will only allow for a level downgrade on gimbal guns, so if you’ve got a tier four slot, you’ll only be able to mount a third tier gimbal weapon. Mounts must be size two or above to allow for the size one downgrade
  • “Electronic Access” is where you’ll buy items with your REC. Rentals through E.A. last for seven days – active play. REC also adds progression to Arena Commander and the upcoming FPS module. This is coming ahead of schedule to help players play and earn gear without paying real money
  • Significantly increased damage models. You may have read about this already. New damage model rendering eliminates excessive modeling with higher detail damage, saving download time by requiring only one model per ship. Driven by procedural modeling
  • The Retailiator is Hangar ready. We’ve covered the video for you earlier this weekend, have a look here
  • Outside of 1.1, “Ground War” is coming. This is the FPS module. “Releasing in 2-3 weeks time”, the animation set has been revamped for FPS. [Reloads, weapon draw, etc.] Movement significantly improved for character models. Hit/Death animations better show damage taken with impactful animations. Cover improved significantly. “stealthy but lethal”
  • Goal for UEE and Outlaw soldiers to “be the best playable soldiers on the simulated battlefield.” Zero-G animations are focused on calm floating from one place to another to “hectic impacts within ships and battle arenas” at high velocity
  • InterDimension Software “…a household name with the release of the ultra-realistic combat simulator.” created Star Marine, featuring our first taste of in-game armors and loadouts. [full rework in progress with models, we’ll cover this in detail in a later article]
  • Two game modes in the release FPS module across two maps: “Traditional Combat” featuring 8v8 combat. Marines vs. Outlaws for control over Gold Horizon Platform station. Destructible environment and lighting. Gravity switch available for Zero-G or standard combat. “Zero Gravity” Non-lethal combat training in Zero-G sporting combat. Features laser pistol and grappler tools for combat. Think “Ender’s Game” training for Zero-G combat
  • Update 1.1.2 releases early April, with interaction planet-side for “social” interactions
  • Arena Commander 2.0 – True Multi-Crew to hit in “Summer”
  • First episode of Squadron 42, Pre-Alpha Persistent Universe [early build] to release at the end of 2015