According to French games developer Dontnod Entertainment, the gender of your main character does not matter what so ever. In fact, they claim that the character’s sex has no effect on a game’s quality or the success of a title.

As polled against their opinions during a “Ask Me Anything“, Dontnod Entertainment stepped out into murky waters in claiming that it doesn’t matter the sex of your characters in a game.

“To be honest we also really think that the gender of a main character is quite irrelevant when creating a good story. It really depends on how you write your characters in relation to the themes you are dealing with.” Michel Koch – Co-game director

The reply came in answer to a user asking about Life is Strange.

“The concept seems very interesting IMO but I’m not a fan of highschool girls as protagonists, seems to be focused more on drama and romance and less on the actual story.”

Furthermore, Koch explained why you don’t have to be a teenage girl to enjoy the game.

“Life is Strange is starring a teenage girl, you’re right, but it is clearly not only a teenage girl story and we really think that both male players and female players will relate to this game and enjoy this adventure.”

Of course we agree that being either gender is not preferable to another in a game with a single character, we’re also on the boat for options when character customization is possible. What do you think about games with a forced protagonist? Do you buy or not buy a title based on the characters before you give the story line a shot, and why?