Reeling from wild success in their former titles, Halfbrick Studios, Developers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride will take a foray into the puzzle game genre with the coming “Bears vs. Art” title.

Greedy millionaires have opened abstract art galleries to display and admire their latest work. Now Rory the bear is ready to fight back against the pointless pieces invading his home!

Released as a puzzler where you – Rory – are a bear against the arts, looking to swipe down any painting placed in a newly dropped art gallery in his neck of the woods. Across 125 levels of play, contend against rising security measures such as guards, lasers, and spike traps, thrashing your way through until a newly opened suburban museum falls to its knees!

Feast your eyes on 20 minutes of game play footage below, or download the title for your iOS device today! [available in Australia and Canada only, coming soon world-wide]