As of May 31st, 2014, Gamespy Technologies will close down all matchmaking services for over 1,000 titles still operating under Gamespy networks.

Originally developed as a front for Quake serving in 1996, Gamespy services exist today in service of Activision, Sega, EA and Nintendo titles – and more. These services, while enabled for years were part of a large network of media during Gamespy’s dominant years in the 2000’s, and led to strong editorial work and the greatest network for gaming before the Steam era.

In 2012, Gamespy Technologies had been purchased by Glu Mobile bringing sweeping server closures due to delinquent hosting bills. With growing competition from the likes of Fragnet and other self-sufficient hosts, the once giant company will now fall to the wayside, leaving behind only memories of Duke Nukem matches long gone.