With one of the highest Annual Percentage Rates in the United States, retailer GameStop is now offering a credit card that is not good for the consumer.

Known for their infamously low trade-in values and exclusive DLC, GameStop is taking ownership of your wallet for those interested in their ridiculously high interest credit card. With the promise of a giant “power-up reward” points allotment, signing up for GameStop’s new credit card will shell out 5,000 bonus points for PowerUp Basic members and 15,000 bonus points for PowerUp Pro members. Roughly valued at $5-15 dollars off of one game, once, this offer isn’t the end of why you shouldn’t sign up for their card.

At an average 13% interest rate in the United States, credit cards offered across the nation in stores GameStop competes directly with can offer you a great deal of long-term savings over the months you’ll be paying back your new Xbox One or PS4. Gamespot’s offer on their card – that’s 26.99%. If you purchased a PlayStation 4 unit and paid off the unit in one year, you’ll pay roughly $500 for that $400 unit. Doing the same at only 13% would pick up the console for less than $450 in the same year. Destructoid has picked up imaging of the official brochure offer, shown below.

[Image source: Destructoid]

GameStop will be offering promotions to go interest free for six months, but if you happen to miss this six month deadline with your interest free payments, look for the bulk charge to come smashing down on your total costs – a solid $25 addition in the option mentioned above. How do you feel about GameStop giving out a credit card? Do you plan to sign up, or is the interest rate way too high for your liking?