Supply and demand of the PlayStation 4 Camera is driving cost up in GameStop stores across the US as prices rise by $10, despite a stable MSRP.

Given that the official manufacturer’s suggested retail price remains at $59.99, suggested by PS4 Camera manufacturer Sony, GameStop is taking an opportunity of rarity to take advantage of consumers looking to live stream on the PlayStation 4. As a webcam used to supplement a user’s live streaming of any game on PlayStation 4, the camera has well exceeded demand, though quantities of the camera have never been officially detailed.

While the camera may also be used for playing a few exclusive games on the console, and for voice command operation as well as a microphone, the value of the PlayStation 4 Camera has been proven to the consumer. GameStop may know that demand is high, but is it right of the company to raise the prices despite the lack of inflation for manufacturers? We surely don’t think so.