Gears of War: Judgment is finally here and one of the best new modes is Overrun. Its a new multi-player game type where you’re either fighting as the locust team or the cog team. This mode is great for beginners to the gears series and I see the advance players having fun with this mode too. What makes this game mode interesting is it’s like class base shooter. If you’re on the cog team you have to protect the E-Hole (which is a great name) from the on coming locust. The cog team has four different classes to choose from the Medic which you have a healing grenade to heal team mates, the engineer can use a turret that can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, the soldier can throw out ammo for his team mates, and last the scout can throw a spot grenade that spots enemies. If you are the locust you have the entire locust horde at your command. You start out with the basic wretch and ticker. The more kills you get the more powerful locust you unlock, like the centipede and the giant spider.

Overall this game mode is easily the best game mode in the Gears of War series. It keeps you coming back for more. Both teams are fun to play on and they are both very balanced. From getting head shots with the cog scout sniper rifle to playing as a little wretch jumping around, killing and just basically being annoying. Once you play this overrun there is no other game mode. Gears of War: Judgement needed overrun because without this game mode it is just like Gears 3 and this mode sets it apart from the other games in a fantastic way.

If I had to give overrun a score I would give it 9 out 10 because, though it is fun to play, it does get repetitive after a while – but that is a long while. Come back later where I will have a full review of the game and the other modes.