If you’re looking to keep up with the vast world of professional League of Legends competition but you can’t follow all nine professional leagues and events, you soon won’t have to worry.

Thanks to the soon-to-be-released application for your mobile devices, “eSports Center”, tracking your favorite League of Legends teams in competition throughout the world won’t be nearly as difficult. Available for iOS devices “soon”, eSports Center will be found on the App Store and will feature much of the function we’ve been clamoring for over the five seasons of professional League of Legends play.

As cited on the official website, eSports Center will host matches on their application from the North American LCS, European LCS, the All-Star series, both challenger series, the world finals, and multiple other championship leagues. In each of these leagues we’ll be able to see full and detailed match information, including the latest news, standings, live streams, vods, results, builds and more for all available Leagues.

With eSports Center we will also have the option to drop notifications to your device through the “Notification Center Today Extension” and stream all available VODs through Airplay to your Airplay enabled devices. eSports Center will also feature an Apple Watch extension as it becomes available. No set date is available for the official launch of eSports Center.