There are a lot of gamers that have their own YouTube channel featuring tutorials, gameplay, walkthroughs, review, etc. (check out PowerLeveled’s Channel) but quality has always been an issue. Videos of games that are played at higher frame rates have always felt a little different when they are encoded for YouTube and dropped down to 30 frames per second (FPS). Frames get dropped and the video will just look a bit more choppy or the speed of the game will look off compared to actually playing the game.

Well YouTube has some good news that will make your video flow better and look nicer. YouTube tweeted that they will soon be supporting 48 to 60 FPS!

What this means is that games that run at higher frame rates and have a lot of motion will translate better to videos on YouTube. So fast paced action or chaotic games will be seen in a better light.

Consoles games, movies, or any media destined for your TV has been capped at 29 or 30 FPS thanks to NTSC and PAL standards for quite some time. PC’s have been able to give you 60 – 200+ FPS for a very long time, but newer medias and current gen consoles are changing the standard in your living room with 60 FPS standard. YouTube is embracing the changing environment and will soon bring a little bit of happiness to YouTubers everywhere.