Under the development of New World Interactive, Insurgency will be on sale through December 16th, 2014 to celebrate their last content update for 2014.

Available on Steam for 55% off retail through Tuesday, Counter Strike competitor Insurgency is celebrating the latest content update “Nightfall” by moving units at just $6.74. Set as a gritty, independently developed first-person shooter, the latest content update for Insurgency packs in a host of new features and updates in polish to bump up the level of excitement in the Nightfall patch.

With a “Very Postitive” rating on Steam across 17,000+ reviews, Insurgency is a solid shooter that includes all the odds-and-ends of the top tier shooters on Steam, including achievements, level editors for custom map creation [including Steam Workshop], and Steam Trading Cards. For multiplayer focused shooter lovers, Valve Anti-Cheat is also enabled to ensure that you don’t fall victim to headshots through solid surfaces.

While the Nightfall patch and sale is in focus with the latest update, this sale is limited through Tuesday and support will continue in 2015. A summary of the latest content changes lies below, detailing the fantastic support by New World Interactive.


New weapon: M45 for Security, M1911 for Insurgents.
New PVP maps: Buhriz Night and Revolt Night.
New Survival maps: Verticality, Sinjar and Heights.
New Hunt maps: Buhriz and Revolt.
Updated PVP maps: Revolt.
Updated Survival maps: Market and District.
Added foregrip upgrade for AK-74.
Night vision goggles now show on character models in third person.
Flashlight and laser sight added to sniper rifles and LMGs.


Improved Survival mode.
Added team icons to squad selection and scoreboard UI.
Updated AI behaviors and visibility especially in night maps.
Adjusted cost of night vision and added it to default loadouts in Hunt mode.
If you pick up an explosive that can only be assigned to the first sub-slot, you will drop any other explosives that follow the same restriction. This prevents players from running around with RPG/AT4, RPG/C4, etc.
If a grenade is dropped on death, friendly fire is redirected to credit the player who killed them instead.
Grenades now deal direct impact damage.
Fixed recoil so that it no longer slowly brings your view down with some weapons.
Fixed pistol slide when you run out of ammo.
Made laser sights less jarring when your weapon is blocked while aiming down sights.
Added cvar cl_ads_fov_scale which allows a user to control the amount of “zoom” ironsights and reflex sights give you.
Global ban system now applies to all servers, not just servers with matchmaking enabled.
Removed cheat flag off of sv_memlimit. Also added sv_maxuptimelimit which defines the maximum uptime of a server (in hours) before it restarts.

Bug Fixes

Fixed matchmaking failing to find servers when too many maps were selected.
Fixed M4A1 not having the EOTech and Elcan scopes in coop modes.
Fixed weight assignment of weapon upgrades.
Fixed some player data not being transmitted to SourceTV.
Fixed toggling motion blur in advanced video options.
Brightness adjustment for nightvision when using OS X, should be closer to Windows version.

Map Updates

Buhriz: Moved final cache Push to a more secure spot.
Fixed steep displacement on the bridge near SEC’s spawn area.

Contact/Siege: Increased fade distance of the planters in the main street.
Fixed some sneaky spots throughout the map.

District: Changes to prevent spawn camping in Push.
Tweaked cover at front of the school.

Heights: Fixed players getting stuck in a tree near A on Push.

Ministry night/hunt: Tweaked lighting to make it more friendly for the NVG.

Panj: Fixed players able to get stuck in a collapsed wall at firefight A.

Peak: Improved collision model on rocks.

Uprising: Fixed bug that allowed a player to leave the playable area.