Thats right, SGMW is hosting a Halo 4 Online tournament! Its a 1v1, single elimination,  Slayer. Winner takes home the glory! Oh and Microsoft points. So now its time to put your money where your mouth is. Show everyone what you’ve been talking about, and put those haters in their place. The entire event will be featured on our site. Are you going to take first place? Or parish like every other noob to run their mouth?

*Register: Here in the Comments section at the bottom. (Example: Name, and Gamertag) (We will only be allowing 32 people into the tournament.)

*Location: Xbox Live

*Time: 9:00pm PST

*Date: 01/10/2013

*Entry Fee: Free

*1st Place Prize: 800 Microsoft points card.

*Any Questions? Feel free to email your questions to Matryx4040@gmail.com