Hand of Fate is a card-based RPG like no other. Kickstarter-funded, developed and Published by Defiant Development.

Your adventure begins in a cabin at the end of the world, testing your wits in a game of life and death against a mysterious card dealer. This conceited card connoisseur of fate enjoys pitting you against worthy adversaries, ill-fated traps, curses, and overall misfortune. Every time you play the playing field is random. Build your deck by earning tokens from the card dealer based on your decisions and aollect armor, weapons, spells, gold, food, to better your chances of defeating the card dealer. Hand of Fate has two game modes to choose from, Story mode and Endless mode.


Story mode has you working your way and defeating bosses to obtain treasure which will help you along your journey to ultimately defeat the card dealer himself. While the story mode started off easy, I assume to get the player used to the game’s mechanics, it progressively got more challenging and even a touch frustrating. I ended up getting stuck on the third from the last level for longer then I’d like to admit, which is a nice change of pace over some of the more basic card-based titles out there today. Without giving out any spoilers, the story mode is solid and addictive, showing you the game at its core and plays out very well – simply put, it’s loads of fun.


Endless mode is exactly what it sounds like, play Hand of Fate endlessly until you lose. How far can you get? I personally only made it to level 5 after having completed the story, and it was intense. Hand of fate offers infinite replay-ability for those that enjoy a challenge through this mode, and gives decent streaming value with ever-increasing difficulties allowing you to “WOW” your fans.


The graphics are great and fully utilize the power of your modern gaming consoles through the Unity Engine. There are a few moments where optimization could have been used better however, as moments occur when the card dealer is smugly levitating his entire deck in the air and the frame rates drop pretty noticeably. Aside from this pre-play scenario, it’s a beautiful title in a simplistic setting.

Gameplay is the core in Hand of Fate, and while the game is easy to pick up and understand, it is also deep enough with deck building to show proficiency. With a story built on fantasy and mystery, simple relations between the dealer and the cards showcase loads of hidden story elements to be pieced together. Some of the dealer’s dialog hand me rolling with laughter, especially as he’s very impatient during your one-on-one contests.

While the title could have been a little more polished as mentioned with frame rates, Hand of Fate is very much playable, and re-playable. Better so than many higher priced titles launching this quarter, and well worth your time.

Hand of Fate launches in North America on February 17, 2015 and be available on PSN or Xbox Live at 4 PM PST.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and I hope you do too. Drop questions below or comment on your experience with Hand of Fate.