If you’re looking for a good reason to ditch your cable/satellite subscription, HBO Now may be the most convincing yet.

With Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and loads of other services already covering standard television programming, the world has been in wait for HBO to finally make the digital television leap and along side Apple, HBO is now ready to go. Starting off their HBO Now offering with exclusivity on Apple iOS devices, Apple TV and traditional PCs, HBO Now will be available for just $14.99.

Staged to launch just in time for the April 12th launch of Game of Thrones: Season 5, HBO should be ready to fend off the highest piracy rates among television programming and build an extremely strong market as a direct result. Programming on HBO Now will include “all our acclaimed HBO programming, past, present and future, as well as our unmatched lineup of Hollywood blockbusters.” While this service will become available on April 12th, no word on if HBO plans to bring the “Now” service to any specific platforms, but we certainly need it on PlayStation 4 – Comcast won’t allow for it.