2014 is coming to a close, and millions of users across the globe are working and playing on mobile devices. Announced officially by Google, the world united to download billions of applications, music, games, books and more on the Android market – and here are the hottest titles according to your download numbers.

As the most downloaded applications by category, these applications helped you do more than ever before:

Education: Dualingo
Social: Facebook
Health and Fitness: MyFitnessPal
Entertainment: Netflix
Music: Pandora
Sports: NFL Mobile
Photography: Flipagram
Travel: TripAdvisor

While some of these utility apps are familiar, the photography category stands out as a bit of a surprise. While we’re all used to hearing about Instagram in our social media, Flipagram took the spotlight by number of downloads. Separating itself from the competition, Flipagram has a few more customization touches to help you express your true creative vision – it’s no wonder why Instagram is taking a back seat here.

Play Games users unlocked over 3.5 Billion achievements in Google Play’s recently opened leveling system used to show off your gaming passion on mobile. With a fast paced market that constantly evolves, mobile gaming is a deep scene, and these are your top 5 games for 2014:

Candy Crush Saga – King
Don’t Tap The White Tile – Hu Wen Zing
Farm Heroes Saga – King
Subway Surfers – Kiloo
Clash of Clans – Supercell

In film we spent hours searching and watching Robin Williams in the wake of his untimely departure, though his diverse skills didn’t narrow down our love of film to just one performance. Google announced the top three films and Television shows sold on the Play Store, listed below:

Movie of the Year: Frozen
TV Show of the Year: The Walking Dead
Comeback Movie: Toy Story

While Google gave away a copy of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack known as “Awesome Mix, Volume 1”, the album couldn’t surpass a pairing with the movies category, nor reach the top spot on the annual charts.

Album of the Year: Frozen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song of the Year: Dark Horse by Katy Perry
Song of the Summer: Fancy by Iggy Azalea

A nod to the Guardians soundtrack was made this year as Frozen, Despicable Me 2, The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy helped push the soundtrack genre into the “fastest growing” category.

Matching up with some of the world’s most popular films in production, these books rounded out your interest this year on Google Play stores:

The Fault in Our Stars
Fifty Shades of Grey
Twelve Years a Slave

These titles and applications remain some of the most popular on Google Play stores, and will continue to be available for download well after 2015. If you’re setting the trends on Google Play or the Apple App Store, let us know your favorites in the conversation below and join us on Facebook for more great news articles every day on PowerLeveled.com.