Here is every Ghost location known in the Destiny Beta test. For those looking to complete their list of Grimoire Cards and pick up all of the legend from Destiny, you’ll be interested to find these Ghosts throughout your adventures. Brought to us by the DatooDoesDestiny channel, you only miss a single Ghost throughout if you follow this guide precisely – which can be found using the Golden Chest Guide. He moves a bit quickly, so you’ll be pausing quite a bit, but it’s worth it in the end for all the tidbits of information available in the world of Destiny.

After running through all of the Ghosts, check out this video to find all the Golden Chests in Destiny – used to give out the best chances for great loot in the game.

During the acquisition of the third chest, take a right, ignoring the tutorial. The only known Ghost that Datoo missed is within on the right, completing your set of both by the end of these videos. Have fun on the rest of your adventures!

This guide has been expanded upon in our exploration of the Moon mission Bungie unlocked at 2 PM on Saturday. Check out the video here for a full run through, including the discovery of two more Golden Chests!