Stepping ahead in the technology sector, Sony is separating itself from the competition with a new virtual reality headset. Available for play testing at PAX Prime 2015, we’ve had a hands-on with the cutting edge hardware and we can sum it up with one very important sentence. Project Morpheus is a better and more immersive experience than Oculus Rift.

There are a few critical differences between the Facebook-backed Oculus Rift hardware and the upcoming Sony headset, but if nothing changes in the VR space within the next few years, it’s easy to see how Sony has a leg up on the competition. Featuring a more refined fit and feeling, Sony is working on ensuring that you forget you’re wearing a headset, rather than just wowing you with the technology.

As an equal parts competitor technologically, Project Morpheus is every bit as capable as the Oculus. The hardware features 1080p [equivalent] resolution and a fantastic refresh rate that isn’t set so close that you can see the pixels of the in-headset screens. With a fine headset on your ears, it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment of the experience of VR thanks to a fully enclosed and comfortable headset. In fact, it’s so easy that during my own experience I accidentally punched the demo worker.

Comparing straight up with the Oculus Rift, the headset fits much differently on your head, allowing for it’s increased immersion and comfortability. With the Rift, you’ll be using an elastic band to clasp the headset – but on Morpheus, there’s an adjustable, memory-foam padded clasp that you can fit perfectly to your head. This served a dual-purpose for my needs as the Oculus allowed outside [real world] light into the space on top of the lack of comfortable feeling.

Overall, from what we’ve seen here thus far, Morpheus is being created by a tried-and-true hardware manufacturer. Morpheus feels better to wear. Morpheus will work on your PlayStation 4. What’s not to like? Now the only deciding factor is a proper triple-A title working with the VR experience.