Showcasing the future of PlayStation means more than just the Game Developer’s Conference and E3 to Sony’s worldwide studios. On display today in the PlayStation Experience conference, we had a look at what Sony is bringing to the PlayStation brand in 2015, including spectacular footage from Uncharted on PlayStation 4. Let’s break down all the footage from today’s show.

Starting up with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End we got a look at one of the most fantastic displays of visual craftsmanship that the current generation [PlayStation 4] has to offer. Built on the success of the three part series produced by Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4 took what was arguably the most beautiful series on PlayStation and kicked it up ten-fold. Where Drake explored through the harshest of terrain in previous titles, things have obviously reached more perilous heights. Maintaining the intensity of the series, and kicking Drake’s wit up a notch, the environment is an interactive as ever – if not more so, leaving openings for Drake to chime in with fantastic phrasing on a tool’s usefulness and more. Stealth is as much a viable option as ever in the showcased region on demo, as large foliage act as the game’s beauty and function in this case. Set pieces feel well integrated and your heart will race again in 2015 when Uncharted hits on its next generation.


Next up, MLB 15: The Show took stage, breaking out a mentioned feature from MLB 14′ first up. For the first time ever, you’ll be given the ability to transition your career from last year’s model to the most up-to-date version. Only able to tease a piece of the title today, MLB 15: The Show wasn’t detailed any further.

Out of the same San Diego Studio, an all-new free-to-play title is on the way, however. Kill Strain, the top down, highly competitive multiplayer game pits 5 players against 2 players – against 5 more players. Available on the show floor in pre-Alpha state, Kill Strain is ready for your sign-up to the official Beta while you wait for the media outlets to swarm in. Here’s a direct link to that sign up, enjoy. [Be warned, it’s being flooded with traffic as we speak.]

Featured just afterward, the highly violent slasher “Bloodborne” took the hot seat. Using a unique showing on two player multiplayer action, Bloodborne is built on a three layer dungeon filled with grotesque monsters. As a fantastic example prominently on display early in the demo, your average micro boss could have flailing intestines leaking from the abdomen. With this and a flaming scythe as a left hand, monsters are varied in the realm of creep, while given a higher pacing akin to Devil May Cry. While the demo shown took our two protagonists little time to blow through, the final product should be expected to be varied and larger, as announced. This game’s got promise, but reminds of Deep Down – minus the heavy feeling.


Adam Boyes took stage as the next screens faded open, to make a mention to Destiny [among other titles]. With over 300,000 hours of play on PlayStation exclusive content, including 435 million kills with PlayStation exclusive weapons, The Dark Below was at the forefront here. Speaking on “The Undying Mind” strike and the new PlayStation Exclusive shotgun “The 4th Horseman” addition, Boyes hit on the expansion releasing this Tuesday. Reaching further, Ultra Street Fighter IV hit the screen briefly, announcing the title’s release on the PS4 platform. Boyes touched on the possible leak of Street Fighter V, but didn’t immediately follow up with that announcement – rather a teaser for Killing Floor 2. Continuing with more content, “Darkest Dungeon” and “The Forest” – an existing PC title will launch in 2015 as well. The Forest is a high-speed survival title breaking the vein of DayZ and H1Z1 this year on PlayStation 4. Atlas will bring the Persona series to PS3 and PS4 in North America with Persona 5, fantastic news for JRPG fans. Fantastically mentioned, Bastion [formerly PC exclusive] will hit PlayStation 4 and Vita this year. Face-checking tower defense title “Orcs Must Die” will pick up the sequel in “Unchained” this year.

Boyes showcased still more as EA highlight reel peeled off titles from 1995 onward, passing the torch to Peter Moore of EA Games. Speaking first on the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, EA is giving out three titles today. Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mirror’s Edge and Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare. Available on three different PlayStation consoles, pick up the game for your console in the next 24 hours for your free game now. Look for it on the “PlayStation Experience” tab of the store before it’s gone. Hosting a sizzle reel of five indie titles, Boyes ushered Mr. Moore off the stage with a hand shake, and moved quickly to Batman: Arkham Knight.

Kicking off the third title in the series created by Rocksteady. Available on June 2nd, 2015, the Arkham trailer featured the Batman we know and love from Rocksteady casually kicking ass and taking names in quick time event action. Most of the Arkham Knight action felt scripted in the demo, including cinematics usage, but did include a wonderful sneak peek at a PlayStation exclusive DLC package for the PlayStation Platform.


Adam Boyes took the lid off of Street Fighter V officially, announcing the biggest title in the show. Hosted as a home for hype, the SF5 trailer spoke on breaking through the ceiling of Street Fighters past. Announced in confirmation of an earlier rumor, Street Fighter V will find its console exclusive home on the PlayStation 4 game console – though it will hit the PC for those who absolutely refuse to own it on the PS4. Street Fighter V will allow for cross-platform play between the available platforms, and will “never release” on competitive platforms during this console generation, so if you’re locked into the Xbox One for the love of Killer Instinct, you might convert to a non-biased stance to have the best of both worlds.

Working through what feels like a speed-run of titles, Yakuza 5 will make its North American debut next year exclusively on the PlayStation 3, and two previous Yakuza titles are waiting for you on the Network today. Suikoden 1 and 2 are coming to the PlayStation Vita next week. Towerfall: Ascension and Towerfall: Dark World will hit the same platform, as well as Octodad launching on the Vita. Super Time Force Ultra hits Vita and PS4 in the near future as well, with Shuhei Yoshida as a platform exclusive playable character. The Banner Saga and Resident Evil: Revalations 2 will launch on the mobile platform as well – all before Summer 2015. Fantastic party title Gang Beasts will hit the PlayStation 4 in the coming year – pegging you in a wraslin’ match with the least coordinated characters you’ll ever love, published by Double Fine Productions. Speaking of Double Fine Productions – Broken Age [Complete Edition] will hit the PlayStation ecosystem this year, launching on the same date as its sequel counterpart hits the PC. Grim Fandango will hit the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this January 27th, bringing back the classic title for a new generation with fully remastered audio and updated visuals. Double Fine continues to surprise as they announced their development of “Day of the Tentacle [remaster]” in closing for their demo this afternoon.

Sony Santa Monica hit the stage soon after, announcing four titles from external development partners. Bringing back an old love, Santa Monica Studios showcased an all-new “Fat Princess” title – one of the most addictive on the PlayStation 3. With revamped styling in an Adventure showcase, Fat Princess will take a new direction in the next year. Cryptically mentioned, from the developmental mind behind Noby Noby Boy, Wattam hit the screen with no clear direction. Information will follow in the year to come for the title, but with a prestigious staff, we look for promise in times to come. Moving forward to another developer, Washington State if the home of Edith Finch – a girl from a family whose members are dying like flies. Unravel the mystery in the coming year, exclusively on PlayStation. Santa Monica forwarded more visuals from The Order 1886, keeping the title fresh in our minds as well as its steam punk beauty. While gritty and classic could easily describe the title during Sony’s showcase, the fast paced action felt messy enough to be realistic in the pre-20th century period. Nothing shown today should shy you away from the February 2015 release, and we look forward to the fun early on next year. Media Molecule touched on Tearaway Unfolded, dropping on PlayStation 4 for the first time in the two part series. This paper craft beauty shows off the best of Media Molecule, including taking advantage of features hardly approached on the platform such as tossing mechanics “into the controller” for one time use later.


Ready for more, suspense thriller Until Dawn started up with a good scare. Lead up by reputable actress Hayden Panettiere, the crowd chose her fate as she tosses a vase at her oncoming clown-masked [assumed] murderer. Each action takes you down a scripted path, showcasing an interactive horror film that may be better played than viewed. The crowd participation for this demo makes up the best element of Until Dawn – choice. Form our personal hands-on, you’ll want to give Until Dawn a shot next year – at least in rent, if not purchase. Speaking on Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix announced a bomb after the Until Dawn showing with the title coming back to the PlayStation brand. While this isn’t the full recreation we were looking for, it’s great to see the title coming to future generations. Heralded as the biggest RPG within the PlayStation’s 20 year history, get ready for more next year – unavailable on Xbox One.

As one of two titles left to speak on, No Man’s Sky featured certainly prominently today. Speaking on the breadth of the procedural universe of No Man’s Sky, as a first time event, the title was pushed to the limit as they flew through the virtually endless galaxies in all their magnificently coded glory. Popping up in real time, each planet develops before your eyes and no two are the same in your exploratory quests in space. With uninhabited and stationed planets speckling the games’ universe, what you map in No Man’s Sky will never measure up anywhere close to the scale in which you can explore. This endless game play value alone brings the spectacle of the title, and you shouldn’t hold back in picking up its majesty if you love something never touched on before.


Twisted Metal master creator, David Jaffe blew up the conclusion with Drawn to Death. Set as a new age Arena shooter, Drawn to Death takes advantage of an ever-changing environment drawn by a teenage artist. Having a familiar theme to that of the Twisted Metal series, though not at all in artistic styling, think of ‘Metal and free-to-play PC title “Loadout” making a baby in mechanics, with the art style of an angsty tween who just finished watching Borderlands. Of course, you’re likely better off looking for yourself on this one, so have a go over to the official website for more information.

That’s all for the conference today. If you want more information, we’ll be splashing trailers up on the site and on our official Facebook page in the coming days, and keep a look out for more details as they come to light.