Are you interested in a fantasy sports bracket for Heroes of the Storm that brings eSports more in-line with major tournaments like the NCAA? Blizzard has what you need right now.

Available today in preparation for the “Heroes of the Dorm” tournament in Los Angeles, California, you can now create your own fantasy bracket based on the performances of college-level teams throughout the country. No, this isn’t for Basketball or Soccer [futbol], but rather for Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm. The popular closed Beta MOBA title is starting off its push into the professional gaming scene with a wave of fantastic promotions. Highlighting college teams in their original announcement, Blizzard will push the boundaries of what we have come to expect from our gaming culture as they cover the tournament on ESPN and finalize the 64-team tournament with serious college scholarships offered to the winning group!

Beginning on April 11th, these 64 teams will compete in single-elimination bracket play in an attempt to reach the highest attainable goal of free schooling, similar to how scholarships for NCAA basketball work today. Featuring a tournament which will culminate in the finals on April 26th, fans of eSports and the movement as a whole should enjoy both bracketing and attending the event for free. Those who can’t make it to Los Angeles can get a first-hand look at the tournament on or on ESPN 3 from your local provider.

As if the prospect of bracketing and getting into the competitive natures of eSports weren’t already tantalizing enough, those who choose to bracket in the tournament have a chance to earn prizes themselves. Top 5 Predictions will each receive an “Epic Gaming System for Heroes of the Storm”, a HyperX Cloud II Headset, a SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm Mousepad and the number one prediction will receive also receive $10,000! 25 other random bracket-users will be given any one of these amazing prizes at random, minus the 10k of course.

To sign up and get your bracket started all you’ll need is a account and to head on over to Sign-up and participation is completely free, so head on over and get into the moment if you love professional gaming.