For those interested in Assassin class characters, today is a treat in Heroes of the Storm as Kael’thas Sunstrider has worked his way into the fray.

Known as The Sun King and the Lord of the Blood Elves, Kael’thas Sunstrider is a Hero not of mystery, but of deep lore as part of the World of Warcraft franchise. As a senior member of the Kirin Tor, this Alliance member is set to make waves as an Assassin character with a “hard” crowd control skill and abilities which won’t be the easiest to execute but with fantastic payoff. Featuring a passive trait which doesn’t buff himself, but rather does direct damage, he is one of few characters that boast 4 damage-dealing abilities from the start and will be known for his fierce fighting ability.


  • Verdant Spheres (D)
    Activate to make your next Basic Ability more powerful.

Basic Abilities

  • Flamestrike (Q)
    After a short delay, deal damage in an area.
    Verdant Spheres (Trait) — Increases Flamestrike’s radius and damage.
  • Living Bomb (W)
    Damages an enemy over a short time, after which the target will explode, damaging all nearby enemies. Casting a second Living Bomb on an enemy causes the first to explode immediately.
    Verdant Spheres (Trait) — Removes Living Bomb’s Mana cost and cooldown.
  • Gravity Lapse (E)
    Stuns the first enemy hit.
    Verdant Spheres (Trait) — Causes Gravity Lapse to stun the first 3 enemies in its path.

Heroic Abilities

  • Phoenix (R)
    Launch a Phoenix to target area, dealing damage to enemies along the way. The Phoenix persists, attacking enemies, and dealing splash damage to those near its primary attack target.
  • Pyroblast (R)
    After a short delay, cast a slow-moving fireball that deals massive damage to an enemy, and medium damage to enemies near the target.

Certainly a force to be reckoned with, we can’t wait to get our hands on the latest Hero and neither do you. He’s available right now, so get to it! If you don’t have Beta access, Heroes of the Storm comes to Open Beta phase on May 19th in preparation for a full official launch on June 2nd!