Hello and welcome to my fifth guide on Heroes of the Storm Beta. Previously we covered Zeratul, Dark TemplarSgt. Hammer, Seige TankValla, Demon HunterTyrande, Priestess of EluneJaina the Archmage, and Tassadar the Savior of the Templar. My name is Lordunderpants and today i’ll be covering Stitches, the Terror of Darkshire.


-Combat Trait-


Vile Gas: When struck, emit a cloud that damages enemies.


A nice passive that punishes the enemy for attacking you, dealing small aoe damage around where the poison cloud drops next to you.

-Core Abilities-


Hook (Q): Pull the first target hit towards you.


A skill shot where stitches throws his hook in a straight line dragging whoever enemy is hit first back to you.


Slam (W): Damage enemies in an area.


A slam that deals damage in a medium range cone around stitches.


Devour (E): Damage an enemy and restore Health.


A close range point and click ability, stitches will get close to enemy chosen if you’re not already next to them and take a bite dealing damage and healing himself.

-Heroic Abilities-


Putrid Bile (R): Emit bile that slows and damages enemies in your path.


Creates a green slime that lasts a few seconds behind you as you run around, damaging and slowing anyone foolish enough to chase you or try to run away that you cut off.


Gorge (R): Imprison an enemy inside your stomach for a short time.


Run up and grab a person inside you, they can’t move or use abilities and you run slower during this time. Super effective for taking enemy heroes behind your team to pick off or early on behind your gates so they’re stuck by your turrets.


As always there are no bad talents, customize them to how you enjoy playing your characters, I’ll go over the talents and explain why I choose certain ones in certain situations.


Level 1 Talents


Block: Periodically reduces the damage received from Hero Basic Attacks by 50%. Stores up to 2 charges.



Chew Your Food (E): Using Devour also heals you for 10% of your max Health over 3 seconds.



Heavy Slam (W): Slam damage increased by 50%.



Regeneration Master: Increases Health Regeneration by 4 per second. Every 3 Regeneration Globes gathered increases this bonus by 4.


Quite a few different buffs to work on here, Block is a staple reduce damage from enemy heroes that rely on basic attacks, Heavy Slam increases the damage of Slam quite a bit, and Chew Your Food starts off a little weak but gets stronger as time goes on and you get more health from leveling. As always i’m not a huge fan of Talents that require you to stay in lane to increase the potential of the talent, however Regeneration Master really isn’t too bad considering Stitches is more of a tanky warrior and can always use more survivability.


 Level 4 Talents


Amplified Healing: Increases regeneration effects and all healing received by 30%.



Superiority: Reduce damage taken from non-Heroic enemies by 50%.



Vile Cleaver (Trait): Basic Attacks create a cloud of Vile Gas on the target.



Putrid Ground (W): Enemies hit by Slam are infected with Vile Gas.


Lots of good stuff here for just about any path you’re trying to take. Amplified Healing helps out a lot when you have a healer and tend to be focus’d down and Superiority helps when fighting around minions and mercenaries. Vile Cleaver and Putrid Ground help your damage out a lot by spreading that Vile Gas, depending on if you prefer auto attacking or slam to spread it.


Level 7 Talents


Tenderizer: Basic Attacks slow enemy Movement Speed by 25% for 1.5 seconds.



Toxic Gas (Trait): Increases Vile Gas radius by 25% and the duration of the effect by 2 seconds.



Last Bite (E): If Devour kills an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.



Savor the Flavor (E): Using Devour on an enemy Hero grants a permanent +2 Health per second.


Pretty hard to go wrong with this tier, just have to choose which one best suits your theme so far, the only one that seems underwhelming is Last Bite which only reduces the cooldown of the skill by half if you kill an enemy, so instead of using it for extra damage during combat you feel you should save it for the final blow or use it on a minion for the health regen and half cooldown instead of the enemy hero attacking you. Toxic Gas is perfect if you’re focusing on damage and spreading your Vile Gas and Savor the Flavor is perfect if you’re going more tanky and wanting more health regen. Tenderizer is perfect no matter what talent spec you’re going as your basic attacks slow the enemy for your whole team to catch up and take them down.


Level 10 Talents

This is where you choose your Heroic Ability Putrid Bile or Gorge.


Level 13 Talents


Relentless: Reduces the duration of silences, stuns, slows, roots, and polymorphs against your Hero by 50%.



Mega Smash (W): Range and arc of Slam increased by 25%.



Indigestion (E): Using Devour also creates a Retchling.



Helping Hand (Q): Hook can also pull allied Heroes (but will not damage them).


Mega Smash helps make sure you hit everyone you’re after with Slam and Idigestion creates a little Retchling that helps dps for you. Relentless is very helpful as being the big guy running around you get targeted a lot to try and be locked out of the fight. Helping Hand can be fun but gives you one more thing to worry about when trying to hook an enemy.


Level 16 Talents


Pulverize (W): Slam damage increased by 50%, and stuns targets for 0.5 seconds.



Fishing Hook (Q): Hook has an additional 50% range.



Shish Kabob (Q): Hook can pull up to 2 targets.



Imposing Presence: Enemies that attack you have their Attack Speed slowed by 50%.


Fishing Hook and Shish Kabob increase the functionality of your hook, Imposing Presence helps you be more tanky slowing the Attack Speed of anyone attacking you, and Pulverize gives your slam more damage but more importantly a stun to help stop the enemy heroes in there tracks.


Level 20 Talents


Regenerative Bile (R): Putrid Bile lasts 2 seconds longer and heals for 50% of the damage dealt.



Hungry Hungry Stitches (R): While active, Gorge can be repeatedly recast until the first target is expelled. Duration increased by 1 second.



Hardened Shield: Activate to reduce damage taken by 75% for 4 seconds.



Bolt of the Storm: Activate to teleport to a nearby location.


The final tier, you can buff your Heroic Abilities or give yourself a short range teleport with Bolt of the Storm or reduce all damage taken for a short bit with Hardened Shield. Regenerative Bile is a huge boost to survivability when using Putrid Bile, you’re basically being chased or trying to stop the enemy and make they go through your bile, you’re going to be taking damage from them during this time, Regenerative Bile gives you the health regen to survive. Hungry Hungry Stitches adds more utility to Gorge but the main point to Gorge is to single someone out and take them out of the fight, so you have to plan around being able to eat multiple heroes.


My Preferred Talent List

  1. Chew Your Food – You’re going to be the front line and taking the brunt of the damage, the healing of even 10% of your health is amazing, especially later on in the game.
  2. Putrid Ground (W) – Big team fights, clearing out minions, or just wanting to use your main attack on an enemy hero, hitting multiple units with your slam will spread your Vile Gas doing massive damage.
  3. Tenderizer – You’re main job is displacing people and being a terror for the enemy heroes, slowing them down so your team can kill them is one such way.
  4. Gorge – A lot of this depends on the enemy team, Gorge is a safe bet though for singling out an enemy, especially after landing a nice hook.
  5. Relentless – Being the big guy running around, people will want to slow you, stun you, try and take you out of the fight. This helps you get back in the fight in half the time.
  6. Pulverize (W) – Your hook and your Heroic Gorge is the only displacements you have, having your Slam also stun all the targets hit is a very nice addition.
  7. Hardened Shield – Extra survivability for the late game team fights is a must, especially when people start getting really beefy and do tons of damage.



Stitches is a melee warrior who acts mostly as a tank type and displacer. He can do quite a bit of damage but shines when being a bully, grabbing enemy heroes, running around being the main target, taking focus off your squishy friends doing all the damage.



Stitches relys on his hook for catching out enemy heroes, catch them out and you’ll enjoy a 5v4 the next team fight, miss and you’ll be waiting or going in 5v5. Stitches is great at being the target and body blocking, play him to be annoying and the enemy team will wish you had chosen a different hero.


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