Hello and welcome to my fifth guide on Heroes of the Storm Beta. Previously we covered Zeratul, Dark TemplarSgt. Hammer, Seige TankValla, Demon HunterTyrande, Priestess of Elune, and Jaina the Archmage. My name is Lordunderpants and today I will be covering Tassadar the Savior of the Templar.



-Combat Trait-

forehead  Oracle: Activate to greatly increase vision radius and detect enemy heroes.


Your passive is amazing for seeing if you’re about to be ganked, it has a fairly small cool down so you can’t be afraid to use it and figure out the enemies position.

-Core Abilities-


Plasma Shield: Shield an ally or self temporarily.


You can shield yourself, an ally, an ally minion, or a part of your base. You can use talents to beef it up and give it more than just a shield.

squigglesPsionic Storm: Damage enemies in an area.


Your main form of damage hitting all enemies within a aoe radius.

vortex Dimensional Shift: Become temporarily invulnerable and invisible.


Your safeguard that helps you get out of very bad situations. You cannot attack while in the mode it is just for dodging enemy abilities and escaping.

-Heroic Abilities-


Archon: Gain increased Basic Attack damage and a large shield.


Turn into a giant beast of an Archon and deal tons of damage with your attacks.

sentry mode

Force Wall: Creates a force field wall that blocks pathing.


More of a sentry move than a templars move, create 3 force field walls that block any movement in a certain area, for enemies and allies.


As always there are no bad talents, customize them to how you enjoy playing your characters, I’ll go over the talents and explain why I choose certain ones in certain situations.


Level 1 Talents

green power

Conjurer’s Pursuit: Increases Mana Regeneration by 0.5 per second. Every 3 Regeneration Globes gathered increases this bonus by 0.25.


Overload (W): Increases Psionic Storm’s range by 33%.



Psi-Infusion (W): Psionic Storm returns 7 mana for each target initially hit.



Minion Bulwark (Q): Increases Plasma Shield amount by 50% on Minions and Mercenaries and makes it last forever.


In this first tier it’s all about your Psionic Storm, your main form of damage, Overloads increased range can help keep you safe on the back lines while Psi-Infusion can be a big mana save keeping you on the battlefield longer. Minion Bulwark is a cool idea but then you’re putting your efforts into minions and mercenaries versus yourself or your allies. As for Conjurer’s Pursuit, while it’s hard to argue with more mana regen overall, it requires you to be stuck in lane gathering regeneration globes to reach maximum potential.


 Level 4 Talents


Mental Acuity (Trait): Reduces the cooldown of Oracle by 15 seconds.



Leeching Plasma (Q): While Plasma Shield is active, 20% of the target’s Basic Attack damage against the primary target is returned as Health.


Reinforce Structure (Q): Plasma Shield is 100% stronger and lasts 100% longer when cast on Structures.


Promote: Activate to give target allied lane Minion +300% Health and +100% damage for 15 seconds. Has 2 charges.


Healing Ward: Activate to place a ward on the ground that heals allies in an area for 3% of their max Health every second for 10 seconds.


Lots of cool talents in this tier especially with boosting your shields. Leeching Plasma will be a big boost of survive-ability for your fast attackers while Reinforce Structure would be ideal when you’re under siege and need to boost your defenses. Promote is nice for boosting a minion for lane pushing and Mental Acuity can really help out your vision by being able to see the area more frequently. Healing Ward is amazing for team fights or even small skirmishes from the healing it provides.


Level 7 Talents


Khala’s Embrace (Q): If Plasma Shield expires, 50% of the Shield remains indefinitely. This effect does not stack.


Static Charge (W): Enemies damaged by Psionic Storm are marked with Static Charge. Your Basic Attacks consume the Static Charge to deal 24 damage.


Deep Shift (E): Dimensional Shift duration increased by 1.5 seconds.


terran things

Calldown: MULE: Activate to calldown a Mule that repairs Structures, one at a time, near target point for 40 seconds, healing for 100 Health every 1 second. Grants 1 ammo every 3 seconds.


A ton of different options that kind of define a bit of your style for later on. Calldown: MULE is a giant help for repairing your structures while Khala’s Embrace can add a hidden boost the enemy may not expect with the extra shield. Static Charge increases your damage potential as long as you play aggressive and if you feel you play a little to aggressive Deep Shift may be just the thing you need to save your life.


Level 10 Talents

This is where you choose your Heroic Ability Archon or Force Wall.


Level 13 Talents

jedi fool

Distortion Beam: Basic Attacks slow enemies by 20% for 1.5 seconds.



Prescience (E): Dimensional Shift will automatically activate when you fall below 15% Health. This effect has a separate 45 second cooldown.


Scryer (Trait): Oracle duration increased by 3 seconds and grants 20% increased Movement Speed.

white orb

Spell Shield: Upon taking Ability Damage, reduce that damage and further Ability Damage by 50% for 2 seconds. Can only trigger once every 30 seconds.

dat eye

Shrink Ray: Activate to reduce an enemy Hero’s damage by 50% and Movement Speed by 50% for 4 seconds.


Many useful talents here, very hard to choose a wrong one but some can be situational. Prescience is a huge boost to making sure you live longer, Distortion Beam can help your team track down someone as you’re attacking them and slowing them down, and Spell Shield can help save you from unnecessary damage from ability spam from the enemy. Scryer is a very nice boost to your passive making the vision last longer and giving you a speed boost to either hunt down your target or escape the impending doom. Shrink Ray can also be very useful if the enemy team has that one hero that is doing all the damage and you need to shut him down.


Level 16 Talents

shieldEvasive Shielding (Q): The target of your Plasma Shield also gains 25% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.



Resonation (W): Psionic Storm targets are slowed by 25% for 1 seconds.



Second Strike (W): After casting Psionic Storm, you may cast Psionic Storm again for free within 3 seconds. The damage does not stack.


Dimensional Warp (E): While Dimensional Shifted, gain 50% Movement Speed and heal for 40 Health.


Lots of great utility or a damage to choose from here, Evasive Shielding is a great tool for helping your team mates catch up or run away and Dimensional Warp is great for you to catch up or get away. Resonation can be a good trap for the enemy if they’re all bunched up effectively slowing them all down, however Second Strike doubles your chances of doing lasting damage and a wider area just because it allows for a second Psionic Storm.


Level 20 Talents


Twilight Archon (R): Archon initial shield amount increased by 50%. Basic Attacks deal 50% more damage and gain 3 range.

sentry mode

Force Barrier (R): Force Wall range increased by 50% and duration by 1 second.



Storm Shield: Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds.


Rewind: Activate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.


Right off the bat in the final tier, Twilight Archon gives a huge boost to the damage and shielding of the Archon heroic ability, while Force Barrier gives it that extra range that just might help block off the enemy from a longer distance to help track them down, or stop them from tracking you down. Storm Shield is a very nice ability if you’re leaning more toward the supportive role and Rewind is a cool ability for being able to quickly spam all your abilities again.

My Preferred Talent List

  1.  Psi-Infusion – You’re going to be using your Psionic Storm a lot, every enemy hero and minion hit will restore your mana meaning you get to stay in the fight longer and cast even more Psionic Storms!
  2. Healing Ward – The healing it provides for everyone on your team is just too good to pass up, keeping you alive as well as your team mates who are hopefully the ones actually taking the damage.
  3. Static Charge – Extra damage from your basic attacks to targets hit by Psionic Storm, I play aggressive and if i’m not auto attacking regardless I feel like i’m not doing the full potential of damage I could be doing.
  4. Archon – It’s all about that damage, completely beefing you up so you can take down the enemy. Force Wall can be amazing as well but has way more potential to mess up and cause your team harm.
  5. Prescience – A part of playing aggressive means there’s going to be bad moments, this ability makes sure there are far less bad moments allowing you to live longer and not give the enemy team a free kill.
  6. Second Strike – The damage does not stack on each other but being able to cast two Psionic Storms is huge. Whether it’s to hit mutliple enemies spread out, or to hit the same enemy as they’re running away, you’re doing way more damage than if you just casted one Psionic Storm.
  7. Twilight Archon – The extra shield and damage is just too amazing to pass up, generally by the end game you’re going to be focused a lot as Tassadar is kind of squishy, so the extra shield can be a life saver. However if they choose to ignore you, you will find your damage out put is something they’ll wish they had chosen you for the main target.


Tassadar is meant to be in the back casting shields and Psionic Storms from a distance, using Dimensional Shifts if things get dicey, and while he is classified as a “Support” the damage out put he can do is amazing. He certainly has a lot of tools and talents to make him support and you should always throw your shield out and help allies, but you’ll really shine by timing your Psionic Storms and auto attacking, using your Dimensional Shift when they think they have you, and baiting the enemy into your team.


Tassadar has a huge amount of support skills with one main damage ability. Use all your abilities to help your team survive and deal a ton of aoe damage and you’ll find an easy win.




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