As the streaming service built by gamers, for gamers, Hitbox.TV is one of the newest streaming platforms online, but their focus on quality and mobile integration sets them apart as possibly the best platform on offer.

Ask anyone who streams on Twitch.TV, Azubu, YouTube or any of the other major video game streaming services out there and they will have the same few complaints. Either the service will be too slow, too archived, or inaccessible to half of the audience looking to find you. Looking to clean up the mess that other major providers leave behind, Hitbox.TV is emerging as one of the highest quality streaming sites around, and is quickly growing a following.

Focusing on key community issues, Hitbox.TV asks you to “Live! it up.” with less latency at its core and better stream quality coming hand-in-hand. Skeptics who look to put down Hitbox for a lack of features would be amiss as well. Hitbox put a great deal of focus on breaking down the basics in their infancy, as over the last few months of their existence they have worked with Facebook, Twitter, XSplit and Open Broadcasting Software [OBS] to integrate with their users’ needs. As icing on the cake for those experienced users with streaming services, Hitbox already implemented “teams”, allowing those who stream as part of a group can show off an entire match of cooperative play in one convenient place. Teams will also allow groups of streamers to focus their recorded content into one familiar place.

If you have never streamed a game before, Hitbox.TV will show you how with a deep and well built tutorial on how to establish yourself with XSplit and OBS, taking the work out of streaming that Twitch simply doesn’t have up front. Those who have an established stream can enjoy a partnership with Hitbox with some consistent streaming and a small following at hand – you’ll only need to stream 3 times per week and have 100 followers on average for your stream. Furthermore, Hitbox is working with the community to grow quickly through the month of July. According to the latest post on their blog, Hitbox will allow all previous partners and those who become partners this month will get a free subscription to the service.

“As a young company, we are constantly learning from our users. It has become clear to us that we need to broaden our horizons with those who wish to stream with us. Any person who broadcasts to an average of 100 or more concurrent viewers can join the hitbox partner family. As a partner, you can immediately start to take advantage of our advertising revenue sharing program and now also our subscription program.” – Can Ertugrul, Chief Marketing Officer (

Possibly the biggest key to Hitbox.TV’s potential massive success lies in their HTML5/Javascript integration. Even on our own site, where we have used Twitch.TV for nearly a year on our Livestreams page, you cannot watch our streams on mobile devices. With Twitch.TV using Flash player, those who don’t have a desktop are left in the dark. Given the massive boom in the mobile industry, it’s hard to imagine a major streaming provider not being accessible to half the viewing market. If DOTA 2, League of Legends or MLG made their way to Hitbox.TV, you can imagine how their multi-million viewer base would instantly double with the ability to view matches on our phones – without an app.

If you’re looking to get in on the action, and stream in the highest possible quality, check out Hitbox.TV. Feel free to follow the PowerLeveled team on Hitbox where we are livestreaming for the foreseeable future. We’ll be testing out the service over the next few weeks, and we would love to hear your feedback as we review Hitbox in it’s entirety. Let us know how you feel about Hitbox and the future of the streaming service in the comments box below.