We actually know a lot about Destiny’s next DLC expansion, House of Wolves, but thanks to user MattWGordon and Reddit we have a handy graphic that shows us all the current data mined information. You’ll find new exotics, new raid gear, new missions & strikes, new ships, and a few extra features. Take a look and tell us what you’re excited for.

Warning, the graphic below may contain spoilers about the upcoming Destiny DLC


Here are a few links for some of the gear from DestinyTracker.com:

Exotic Helms:

Exotic Gauntlets:

Exotic Chests:

Exotic Greaves:

Exotic Weapons:

Raid Helms:

Raid Chests:

Raid Gauntlets:

Raid Greaves:

Raid Class Items:

Raid Primaries:

Raid Special Weapons:

Raid Heavy Weapons: