If nearly a third of the world’s population turned into zombies right now you would have to kill all of them to catch up with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players.

Are you looking for an expert zombie slayer? Don’t look for someone on The Walking Dead, look at your local Call of Duty fan. With over 223 million “waves” of zombie combat having taken place, developer Sledgehammer Games released a fun group of undead-based stats this weekend. Advanced Warfare rehashes the popular zombie endurance in “Exo Zombies” with players having destroyed over 2.5 billion creatures of the night.

Picking up on some other stats, players have used enough exo-suit propellant to travel around the globe 14,000 times. Weapon of choice for players line up with the assault rifle classes at the top, followed by SMGs and Heavy Weapons. Have a look at the full info-graphic below for more amazing stats in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.