It looks like Humble Bundle has now teamed up with Extra-life to help the children during the stream marathon that is happening on October 25th. Like most bundles you can pay what you want for some amazing PC titles, awesome beta keys, or subscriptions for Twitch and Reddit. They have put together this package to help support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Here is a full list of the bundle’s

  • Potatoman Seeks the Troof
  •  Trove Closed Beta (Humble Extra Life Starter Pack)
  •  Defiance (Humble Extra Life Starter Pack)
  • Lone Survivor Director’s Cut
  • Landmark 1-Week Beta Access
  •  Twitch Turbo 30-Day Subscription
  • Reddit Gold 30-Day Subscription

If they pay $6 or more, they’ll also unlock

  •  You Don’t Know Jack Classic Pack,
  • King Arthur’s GoldSpeedRunners (Early Access Game)
  •  Rift (Humble Extra Life Starter Pack)

If they pay $13 or more, they’ll receive all of the above and

  •  Nom Nom Galaxy (Early Access Game)
  • King Arthur’s Gold Squad Pack (includes three additional copies of the game)



Potatoman Seeks the TroofDefianceTrove Closed BetaLone Survivor: The Director's CutTwitch Turbo 30-Day Subscriptionreddit gold 30-Day Subscription


Landmark 1-Week Closed Beta KeyYou Don't Know Jack Classic PackKing Arthur's GoldSpeedRunners (Early Access)RIFTNom Nom Galaxy (Early Access)

King Arthur's Gold Squad Pack (+3 Additional Copies)


Make sure you hurry up to get this great offer and help save the children.

The bundle runs for six days and begins at 11 a.m. PDT on Monday, October 20