What is “#IDARB”? Only the prophets may have the answer to the question describing this fantastic looking indie title – and that’s the point.

#IDARB is built on the epitome of social networking experiments. From humble beginnings as an image titled, “I Drew A Red Box” on Twitter, #IDARB developed into a fully realized video game simply off of recommendations from regular people. With the idea of, “submit your idea and we’ll run with it,” #IDARB is not your ordinary game. Developed into a combination of Super Smash Brothers, Bomberman and what looks like a Quidditch match from Harry Potter, you’ll have to see it to believe for yourself.

Have a look at the trailer below for the crazy action in motion, or head on over to their website to create your own character and leave a suggestion for the game. We’ll be getting a hands-on impression of the title at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle in just two weeks and we can’t wait to let you know what we think of it!