Thanks to a ridiculous pile of skins and other add-on items, Evolve has more DLC than any monster could eat, packing in 44 items that won’t come included in the $25 Season Pass DLC package.

If you’re one of the many who has shelled out a solid chunk of cash to pick up Evolve for a bit of four-on-one fun, you’ll likely be surprised to find that over 40 additional DLC items won’t be included with the game, racking up to more than a massive $135. Discounting the DLC available as part of the $24.99 Season Pass where hunters and pass-exclusive skins are on offer, Evolve is making up for its future free offerings with a free-to-play like model in a full price title.

With these 40+ DLC items being mostly skins for characters or weapons, Evolve is working a model similar to that of League of Legends or any other popular free-to-play title. Developer Turtle Rock Studios claims that these DLC packages are simply “options, nothing more,” and plan to turn revenue from these packages into new maps for competing in Monster versus Hunter combat, but given the great deal of revenue pulled in from initial sales, is Turtle Rock doing the right thing?

Despite the rising costs of development for a truly AAA title in the gaming industry, it doesn’t feel right to have companies jamming DLC options down our throats, and Turtle Rock isn’t even putting up a false sense of “seasonal” content with this many skins on offer at launch. While other companies like the Activision-backed Call of Duty development teams offer DLC, skins and other options, Turtle Rock Studios is bringing the onslaught of “This is cooler than you” to triple-A like never before.

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