With over ten years of market research conducted, the distribution of wealth in the PC Graphics Card department is not as even as it once was. As recorded data steps out into the open, we can now see how AMD and NVidia compare in the long-running war of graphics supremacy.

As recorded and discussed over on NeoGAF, the findings of research by Beyond3D forum poster “dbz”, supported by sources in Mercury Research and JPR as well as other reputable organizations, show that AMD is losing the war to NVidia in discrete graphics marketshare – and has been for some time.

Compiling all of the data from these multiple sources, here’s a visual representation of the graphics sales comparisons and which series of graphics card launched in each piece of history:

In this data graph we can see how AMD [light color] and NVidia [dark] have compared from 2003 through today, with AMD taking a sharp tank in the last few months, after slowly falling off in the last 10 years in comparison. As these figures relay PC market share, the console market is a direct contrast to this fact, with AMD holding 100% of the chips in that market. This comparison also does not reflect the dedicated market as opposed with this discrete market, but it is a fine indicator of how NVidia is working with hardware manufacturers much more successfully in the modern era of PCs.

How do you think this looks for AMD in the next five or ten years? Sound off in the comments below with your opinions and get in the conversation.