Injustice first DLC character is alomost here and boy does he look interesting. He looks like Ghost Rider and Spawn had a baby. His name is Lobo and he adds a much needed bad a@# character to the game.
Lobo possesses extraordinary strength of undefined limits. His strength, much like his other powers, varies greatly depending upon different artistic interpretations by various comic book writers. In some instances, he is depicted as being barely stronger than a human while, in others, he demonstrates physical strength on a similar level to Superman. Lobo also possesses superhuman durability, which varies greatly as well. Lobo is depicted, in some situations, as being injured by conventional bullets while, in other situations, he has the physical resiliency to stand toe to toe with Superman, survive unprotected in deep space, and withstand powerful explosive blasts without sustaining injury. He has displayed particular susceptibility to gaseous chemicals. In one instance, Lobo was declared immortal as after he died and went to hell, he proved too much for the demons of hell and when he was sent to heaven instead. Lobo has wreaked so much havoc that he was permanently banished from the afterlife.
In all comic books, Lobo is portrayed as a ruthless bounty hunter. He only has one rule, once he takes a contract, he finishes it no matter what, even if it means risking his own life.

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