The fifth and debatably most demanded DLC character has finally hit Injustice: Gods Among Us. Plenty of people have wanted Martian Manhunter since the game launched and it’s understandable because he has massive potential thanks to his plethora of powers. So, did NetherRealm Studios make the character worth the wait or does he seem uninspired?

As expected, Martian Manhunter uses phasing and his mental abilities for most of his special moves. Quite a few of them can be used to kick off a juggle or punish keep away. Just like with everyone else, meter burning some of them is especially satisfying — it may leave them open to attack longer or follow-up with an epic punch. However, what makes the fighter truly stand out is his character power called “Alien Malleability.” When activated, all of his standard strikes and combos get extra range and a small damage boost. I won’t lie, this is easily my favorite aspect of the character. Smacking around your foes with extended arms/legs and massive fists and feet didn’t get old. Honestly, it’s super fun to use.


Combos are hard to pull off online and sticking with his bread and butter combo string seem to work best. The character has great mobility and comes in handy when dodging the characters in the cast that zone you out. He has a diverse move set from projectiles, command grabs and teleports. His damage out put is not the best and the longer the combo is the less the damage is so short and sweet is the best.

Is Martian Manhunter worth purchasing? If you’re a fan of the character or looking to utilize someone with a completely different feel, then yeah, he’s 400 MS points well spent. His super move is beyond generic and that really is disappointing, but his variety of special moves and a ridiculously entertaining character power more than makes up for that.