With a load of new options upcoming in cosmetic features and leveling systems to League of Legends, we can’t help but notice distinct similarities between these options and what already existed in Heroes of the Storm.

As announced on the Public Beta Environment boards for League of Legends, “Chroma packs” are coming to the world’s most popular MOBA game and are currently available in the testing phase of the game. Allowing players to customize a character’s “skin” color, costumes in League of Legends will soon be editable to your liking with three additional base color pallets to chose from before entering Summoner’s Rift. Starting off in testing with Lee Sin and Lucian, these Chroma packs will launch at 590 RP, have a look at the preview below for the official examples.

As it compares, League of Legends wasn’t the first MOBA game to bring out “Chroma” color options in their game, and they may just be doing so to keep ahead of the looming competition. Since early Alpha stages, Heroes of the Storm has had character color options available for every character in the game, unlocked automatically when purchasing characters for their default skins. The same option is available in Heroes when you purchase other skins for characters as well – color options come free. This is where League of Legends “Chroma” system separates itself from Heroes of the Storm – Riot is charging for Chroma skins in the current program. At a cost of 590 Riot Points, these color options come in at just over $5 for something that Blizzard is packing in for free to Heroes of the Storm players. What Heroes does in exchange for this cash is require you to level up your character before unlocking skin colors, and Riot is borrowing this idea in another way as well, which is great for everyone.

In Heroes of the Storm players level in the traditional sense that League of Legends has for years, unlocking new features and game modes in the game, as well as awards for those who play. With an account-wide leveling system, Heroes of the Storm conforms to the accepted standard before allowing experienced players into ranked [and potentially professional] play. Heroes of the Storm pulls away from that standard by leveling individual characters as well. If you love to play as Diablo you won’t be stuck with him as always being the evil red color we all know – change him up after you’ve earned his sixth level and show off your experience with him for free. That’s the largest division between League of Legends’ Chroma options and Heroes of the Storm – one you get for free, the other you’ll pay for to get immediately without the opportunity to earn it. Given that Chroma options are only for fun, it’s not worth a riot [no pun intended], but it’s interesting to note how the competition can change a game.

Further and more interestingly, League of Legends is adapting in another way by adding leveling to characters as well. Much like Heroes of the Storm again, League also has “Champion Mastery” in the works, showcasing your individual skill as it compares with players in your competitive group. In Example, if you’re a Gold level player and you love Teemo, you may be better or worse than other Teemo players in Gold tier. You will soon have a mastery level to silence the haters that is earned through consistent play with your characters. With five tiers of capable play, those who are proficient with a character will be given a special bit of flair to showcase on the Summoner’s Rift. Check out more details on the Champion Mastery system here: http://powerleveled.com/riot-games-unveils-champion-mastery-for-league-of-legends/

While this isn’t identical to the system Heroes touts, it feels like Riot is grabbing the best ideas and working with them in their own direction. In the spirit of competition, this is great for everyone, but most especially the consumer. Let’s all sit back and enjoy the coming years, because the MOBA genre is only going to get better when these companies borrow more from each other’s success.