Over my many years of going back and forth, to and from playing Riot Games’ League of Legends I have started to notice a complete removal of skill from the game. By this I am referring to how much you must know about the game before you can start winning games, such as timing buffs or knowing when to smite without a HP bar etc., etc.. In fact ever since the start of LoL each and every patch has been taking out a small advantage the dedicated gamers had over the lesser skilled or knowledgeable players. At the moment a Bronze league player in the earlier games are now more likely in the silver or gold tiers, but not because of improvement but simply because the game is holding their hands and telling them where to go.

How does this effect you? Well that depends, for me I take pride in my intelligence and my ability to outwit my opponent, for me there is no greater feeling. When I outplay someone I feel like how people feel when they get diamond or higher it’s amazing. Although now league is slowly removing every last advantage you can gain from a couple of amazing plays so to speak. Where once you could destroy a lane and keep them at such a low level you could push to win withing the 20 minute mark easily, but now you can under level a player and it will take them literally 2 minutes of solo lane farm to catch back up regardless to if you are farming too or not. Inturn removing the chance for any one team to completely dominate like you once could, meaning even the worst of players have far more of a chance now then they once did to contend with the better players.

Of course they still cant win yet, but for every patch they get one step closer, and to me it is like starting a game of chess then changing it to a game of checkers because it would make more people play. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that more people are learning the game even if its holding their hands, but when does it stop? What is the point in being intelligent or witty when the game removes the need to be in the first place. I believe LoL is to busy focusing on making the games easier rather then making the game based on a gamers skill and this will inevitably be its downfall. Gamers like to win because they are better, not because they just had the better champ comp or champions with large mistake margins allowing them to carry even with consistent bad plays. It is about time they brought out more champions that can truly punish the bruisers when they make them mistakes and stop giving them the upper hand and let that skill trickle back into the LoL community.

Of course if the game continues to get easier more and more toxic players will join because they will gain a false sense of skill based on random wins and it will lead to an unskilled game full of hate and a small pool of champions consistently chosen game after game. Because lets be honest who really wants to farm top lane for 30 minutes until you can 1v5 a team. No I want to 1v5 a team with shear skill to pump that adrenaline through my body and remind myself why I am a gamer.

Anyway I could be wrong and I appreciate any comments or opinions to correct or agree with me, but keep it cool please.

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