As part of arguably the largest update in the history of the most popular free MMORPG in the world, Jagex has now officially launched and update to Runescape they dub simply “Runescape 3”.


A play on the nickname of their transition to 3D from a lackluster graphic, the last major update to Runescape changed the game so significantly that entire regions were brought up while Graphics were turned on their head in their revolutionary update. In this transition the revolution does not come graphically, but rather on the back end – changing from a Java-based platform to one that runs primarily in HTML 5. With the addition of significant story elements, starting with the “Battle of Lumbridge”, players will experience more than better frame-rates, but an in-depth story element that has never been changed more significantly in an MMORPG since World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm event.

Runescape’s change from Java to HTML 5 brings significant depth of selection and depth of field to the average user when playing Runescape. Primarily, users who were looking to play Runescape before today would be playing the game at home, on the PC. Given the breadth of the HTML 5 platform, we can look forward to not being tethered to the PC and pick up Runescape on our tablets and other devices in the future, so long as your browser supports WebGL as many mobile browsers already do. Devices which are more powerful can enjoy the luxury of wider fields and more beautiful textures with HTML 5 as well with the latest changes. No longer will you be held down by the basic limitations of the Java platform, ranging from graphical limits to a long-held cap on how much gold your character can hold, so long as Jagex breaks this cap.

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More prominently than the graphical and coding changes, users of Runescape will find themselves enveloped in a world-changing story beginning with the Battle of Lumbridge. This battle begins your first journey through Gielinor – the world of Runescape – whether you are a long standing player of the game, or a first-timer. Opening to the games’ recently acquired cinematics, the Gods of Gielinor are in a mad struggle for power right before your eyes, as a stark contrast to days past, where the gods were simply known of but never seen. Runescape 3 will feature the Gods first hand as you interact with the world altering changes they themselves will bring, and many new quests will be featured along the way. For more details on this, Jagex released the developer diary below.

Runescape production continues to be updated very regularly by a dedicated staff, which you can follow on, and