While Kano had been leaked a short time ago, NetherRealm Studios is ready to reveal the official Kano trailer to the world, as well as details on the character.

Stylized a bit differently from the traditional biker bad-ass of Kano past, Kano will for the first time ever not use his signature red chest and eye pieces, but shows variance as a tell for his fighting style. This newly released Kano trailer showcases all three styles of combat we’ll get to play when Mortal Kombat X hits store shelves next year as Kano fights in Cybernetic, Commando and Cutthroat styles on his way to tear out your heart. Watch as he faces off against D’vorah in this trailer provided by Eurogamer Portugal.

Using some interesting tricks throughout the dripping jungle scene, Mortal Kombat X is continuing to build on one of the best fighting games of 2011 and may take the crown yet again as the story leaps over 20 years into the future in 2015.