PAX East is in full swing this weekend, and Killer Instinct along with season two development team Iron Galaxy are kicking off the new details coming out of Boston.

During one of the many panels ongoing at the PAX conference today, Iron Galaxy released footage and information on a new mode set for Killer Instinct. You can now shadow box against yourself, in a matter of speaking, as you may now refine your skills while fighting an AI with your fighting tendencies. Iron Galaxy’s Kraig Kujawa explained the feature that the studio is simply calling “Shadows.”

“If you can’t find the person you want to play at the skill level that you want, that makes the multiplayer experience a little tougher to engage with. It’s a living representation of you on your best day.”

In order to train this AI, Killer Instinct will now record your play style and make note of how you fight. Without simply recording and cloning your last fight exactly, the system will examine how often you combo and with what complexity in order to mirror that, going so far as to measure if you taunt other players and do so with the same frequency – a pretty interesting feature.

Along the way, Iron Galaxy also announced their next Season 2 character, Hisako. As a teenage adult, this 19 year old woman tunes into the spirit world and fights with her deceased father’s weaponry. While Hisako may be sluggish, she’s a high damage brute who focuses on counter attacks. If you can keep her shadow meter filled, you’ll have a great time with her at the end of this month when she releases. The season 2 story mode is set to come down this June as well, according to Iron Galaxy and you can be sure that we’ll cover all there is to know about Killer Instinct’s new story line when that drops.