In the midst of all the Call of Duty, Mass Effect 4 and Destiny news, Killer Instinct announced the launch of season 2 with a fan favorite – T.J. Combo. T.J., from the past two games was known as the “normal guy” in the middle of all the ice, fire, and robots. He is a heavy hitter like Balrog from the Street Fighter series, being able to rush forward and punch his opponent with power.


His look has a totally new redesign from the ground up. He looks a lot older in this version, as if he has been through hell and back. Instead of boxing gloves, he is wearing MMA gloves, so they might be going that direction with his combat design. Also in some shots you can notice that his arms have scars on them, which could mean that he no longer has his bionic arms from the previous game which may be why the dialog at the beginning of the trailer is about T.J.’s redemption.

After T.J. beat the hell out of Fulgore to conclude the video, there was a cliffhanger moment. This is almost certainly the induction of Cinder. Otherwise this has to be an entirely new fire-based character, though that is very unlikely.