If you’re a PC gamer, you’re likely a League of Legends fan. Even if you’re not a PC gamer, you’re likely effected by Riot Games’ League of Legends and constantly harassed by your friends to check it out. With the 2015 season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to get into the game and get started at your shot for the professional circuit.

Hosting most hours of game play than any other online multiplayer game in the world, League of Legends is the face of professional gaming today. Having become the most commonly streamed game on Twitch.TV, as well as the most commonly watched, the phenomenon that is League of Legends is growing by the year – now reaching into the College level. That’s right, even collegiate programs are recognizing the scope of the professional gaming scene, as multiple colleges in the United States now offer scholarships for those on the road to professional play in eSports.

Establishing a high ranking in League of Legends justifies an eSports label not on strength or speed, but on mental work, and that’s what separates the tiers of ranked players in League of Legends – and why most people care about League. While there are doubters from those who don’t participate in League of Legends play, all those who play can clearly see and feel the difference between these ranks while playing the game. Commonly referred to as “Elo”, each player is given a soft ranking system based on their play in-game, as well as whom they are playing against. Assuming you have never played League of Legends before, your skill level is likely to be “Bronze”, the base level of skill set for brand new players. Through victory over Silver, Gold, and higher tier players, those at the top of the food chain can reach “Challenger” status, then becoming eligible for the League of Legends Championship Series, and a host of sponsorships from major PC gaming labels. Professional LCS teams are built from this highest caliber of players and compete on a national level with the hopes of competing for the world championship and a $1,000,000 prize.

With wild popularity on Twitch.TV’s streaming service, some of the best League of Legends players in the world enjoy steady revenue streams in advertisement-sponsored play, not just in winning games. Even as these players may not reach the world championship, or even reach sponsorship, there is a level of entertainment in seeing those ranked higher than you play League of Legends. Being centrally focused on skill-based play, learning something new or trying new “builds” for your characters leaves constant room for improvement in the game, and keeps it fresh year in and year out. Not all of those who stream are making profits, but League of Legends is about entertainment, and with fully realized balance in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena format everyone can have a good time.

On offer with the 2015 season, “Challenger Ahri” is going up for sale on the in-game store. As one of many skins for these various League of Legends champions, “Challenger” themed skins are typically not available to those who did not reach the “Gold” tier in ranked League of Legends matched, and this skin represents a celebration of the new season, as opposed to the conclusion of a former. While those who closed out the last ranked season can celebrate with “Championship Morgana”, this skin is not limited to those with the highest skill ratings – and interesting change for Riot Games.

So are you ready to make the jump into the 2015 season? If so, get your practice in now, because the 2015 league of Legends ranked season starts on January 22nd. Play on, summoners.