Are you looking for a League of Legends tier list that you can actually trust? Backed by official statistics, the “Nerf Tier” tier lists right here on PowerLeveled use real metrics such as win rate, kill-death-assist ratios and pick-to-ban rates to measure the values of every champion in the League. Stacking these values up against the latest patch information, we’re not only the first but also the most complete League of Legends tier list online. On this page you’ll find the complete anthology of our tier list posts on PowerLeveled, along with a quick summary of changes in each patch. With weekly changes coming down the pipe, our lists are true, living works and we will continue to refine the Nerf Tier anthology week-over-week in search of the highest possible quality for our users. Dig in and improve your win rate in ranked with the best tier list online today.


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With a full rework on Ryze, a big nerf to Jinx and Ahri, and a fun buff to Dr. Mundo that brings him back to doing what he pleases, Nerf Tier 5.8 covers all the details of the sixth patch of season 5.

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Featuring major changes to Darius, a fairly large change to Blitz and a significant glitch fix for Lee Sin, patch 5.7 is underway without Katarina at the helm of the Nerf Tier. Get a look at the new guard in League of Legends as many faces change in many spaces despite a weak depth in the patch notes.

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Bouncing back from a few all-new items, Nerf Tier 5.6 highlights multiple tier changes with regard to mids and junglers, as well as a few other shake-ups that came unexpectedly. If you were hoping for the revival of Fizz and Ahri with 5.6, don’t get your hopes up, because this is a tanks game right now.

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Showcasing the second week of our fully reworked tier system, Nerf Tier 5.5 focuses on the major changes that will occur after our jungle items caught a shake-up, as well as the revival of champions like Ahri and Fizz thanks to an all-new item in the mix. Bard hit in patch 5.5 as well, but without any numbers to work with, we’re leaving him out for now – if Riot doesn’t give us patch 5.6 soon enough, you’ll see him in the tier list as well.

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Featuring a fully reworked tier system, Nerf Tier 5.4 focuses on a statistically driven formula that separates the standard from the superior. make your way through the major changes to Zilean, Veigar and a colossal number of additional adjustments as we prepare for a fresh face in the Support role. With more promotions into the Nerf Tier and more demotions into the lowest tier than any week before, this patch is sure to knock you off your feet.

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Rolling out the first major patch after the Season 5 launch, Riot significantly nerfed Ahri, dropped a minor nerf on Sona, and hit Fiddle’s jungle. Gragas took a buff with patch 5.3, along with Kennen and the tiniest buff for super-effective Katarina players. The Nerf Tier made its first adjustments with patch 5.3, including moves both up and down across the board. This would be the last week in which the Nerf Tier used a “metal” levels, 5 tier format. Starting with patch 5.4 the Nerf Tier will begin operating on a more efficient 4 tier format, eliminating the marginal “Bronze Tier” grouping in favor of a slightly more mathematically distinctive system that highlights the value of these “extremely weak” champions.

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As of patch 5.2, we here at PowerLeveled began our work with League of Legends tier listing to coincide with the season 5 debut. Focused heavily on the major changes in season 5 Summoner’s Rift, tier list 5.2 focused on a highly detailed model of each tier and the base of operations for our decision making in the future. Tier list 5.2 was your gateway into the new season. Have a look inside if you’re interested in how Season 5 gets going in 2015.

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