Thanks to a quick look from Singapore, a new 10-pick banning system coming to League of Legends has been potentially leaked.

As League of Legends grows, so does its list of available champions – characters we can all play with. With multiple game modes available, the only professional way to play League of Legends is through a traditional “Draft” system. In Draft, players have been able to choose to ban out any champions available to the opposing team. Originally developed in Draft mode with just two bans, quickly moving to three bans in Season 2, bans have been largely the same process until today. In its original formula from the release through today, players are tasked with banning all champions desired before picking any champions. That could be set to change if the new leak is to be believed.

Set unto the world from a very reputable informant, Nelson Sng revealed the new format on Twitter today.

Nelson isn’t just your average gamer. He’s a freelance writer for Riot Games.

As you can see here, bans as usual will take place in the three-ban system, but shake up a bit after three players have picked. Given the ever-expanding champion pool, to simply ban out three champions may not be enough to keep your friends and foes at bay. A second banning phase is being added to combat the expansion of League of Legends champions, adding in ban phase 2 with another 2 bans for each team. Notably, in ban phase 1, Blue team will pick the bans first, then select as usual. In ban phase 2, Red team will select their bans first, then continue their picks as usual.

While the list of champions expands, it’s easy to be upset about ban changes. Here’s how things are different between the champion pool today and the last adjustment in season 2. At the end of Season 1, League of Legends had expanded to 66 champions. This being up from the original 42 in competitive season 1, it made sense then to add another ban into the mix against a 42% jump in champion pool. League of Legends has expanded another 67 champions into the mix since then and continues to grow. If everything were square, we should actually be banning three champions more than we are right now, just on the math.

This of course can’t be 100% verified until we see more solid evidence in an Alpha testing client from the Singapore region, but hearing it from a Freelance Writer at Riot Games is fairly solid evidence that it could be coming down the pipe. The only REAL questions we have left: When is it going global, and will there be any assassins left to play?!