If you are like me, Windows 8 may not have been your jam. Actually, that was the case with a lot of consumers. The introduction of the Charms Bar and the removal of the start button on the desktop version were not well received and lead to Microsoft re-implementing the start button in the Windows 8.1 update along with a few other necessary improvements. My personal opinion of Windows 8 was that it was great for tablets or touch friendly devices, but it was not designed for desktop computers and felt really unintuitive when trying to perform simple tasks. Hiding features like the Charms Bar off screen and only being able to access it through a motion with the mouse was a terrible idea. Microsoft’s idea that everything is becoming app based and that they should extend that to the desktop should have stayed just an idea.

Microsoft is learning from this experience as they have with some of their other recently launched product lines and are hard at work creating a more desktop friendly Windows of the future. Thanks to WinFuture, we have some leaked footage of what Windows 9 is shaping up to be. There are many improvements and new features integrated into the desktop rather than through a separate interface. Check out the videos below and leave a comment on your thoughts on Windows 9 or what you thought of Windows 8.

Source: WinFuture, Image Credit via WinFuture YouTube