While we’ve been discussing what is coming to Destiny since before the game came out, a newly leaked host of content has been released as a result of an in-game glitch confirming Bungie’s post-launch plans.

Bungie has been releasing more content for Destiny each week since the launch earlier this month, including the all-new Queen’s Bounty missions and an upcoming PVP playlist, The Iron Banner. With that in mind, everyone in the public and press has been left in the dark as to Bungie’s upcoming plans for the game until today. With this leak, generated by accident, we can see what the game is capable of post-launch, without any content patches. Each of these missions are built into the game currently, though content may not be added at this point, and should be available soon with their upcoming expansions.

In this video we can see missions are entirely locked for the user, including a mission which we normally cannot see on Earth where the Ghosts brings you back to life at level one. We can also see some missions in which the characters were found in Alpha and Beta glitches on Earth, assumed to be unlocked in the final version, ready to go in post-launch content [The Jovian Complex Strike, Level 10]. At just 31 seconds in during the Moon overview, you can see YouTube user and glitch discoverer “Scott M” has found a preemptive location for unfinished content. Where the “House of Wolves” expansion is required for this mission, it is only a level 14 strike. This makes it ready for those who create new characters and are working their way up through the game again – a nice change to the accepted formula, as Strikes are accessible to level 20+ characters through Vanguard Strikes regardless.

With the addition of “The Dark Below” expansion, we’re seeing a Moon raid mission. This raid shows a level 28 requirement, where the existing raid is only set for level 26. This means that despite the fact that you find the raid impossible today, or maybe too easy if you’re a hardcore player, the Moon raid will set the bar higher with increased difficulty. On Mars we can see a level 20 strike, “The Hypogeum” as you attempt to ward off the resurrection of The Black Garden. This builds on the potential for a longer game, assuming that the Vex can rebuild the Garden’s heart in a new location when you disallow their mission’s success during The Dark Below expansion.

As we mentioned with the first code-based content leak, The Reef is now guaranteed to have a raid. This level 28 raid is set for the House of Wolves expansion, and will task players to fight in the asteroid belt. I’m particularly excited about this raid, because I’m interested to know if I’m fighting for or against the Queen, even as we’re completing her bounties at this very moment. We will see new Vanguard Strike playlists with these expansions, including “Vanguard ROC” level 26 strikes, and an unnamed level 28 Strike playlist. Level 26 and 28 Strikes aren’t set just yet to award more than a level 24 Strike, but if you’re up for a challenge, Bungie is going to keep you interested in Strikes as our weeks progress.

PVP will bring a new flavor in the coming weeks as well. Awarding “Trial Set Gear”, Skirmish matches will see a change in the future by rewarding successive victories in a coming Bungie event. Without a timetable set on this event, look forward to 3v3 combat where the winners enjoy great prizes, but teams which lose three consecutive matches are kicked from what could possibly be tournament style play.

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