For some reason, when Microsoft and Sony (lets not even get into Nintendo) decided to hit the markets with their newest console offerings, each had this crazy idea that what little storage they shipped with would work out just fine in our digital age. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launched with internal Hard Drives with a capacity of 500 GB, but even that was questionable with nearly every disc based launch game being available day one on each company’s online store. Gamers quickly filled up that storage space and we’ve all been yearning for more. Microsoft released a firmware update that allows for compatibility with external storage and Sony’s PlayStation 4 plays nice with any 2.5″ internal HDD you can find on the market. So, whats the best solution for those that want to keep on building that digital collection, without the hindrance of having to delete their favorite games to make room?

Xbox One

CMXboxOneCollective Minds Xbox One Media Hub

“When attached to your Xbox One Console, the Collective Minds USB Hub and Hard Drive Enclosure lets you expand your gaming frontiers. Charge your controllers with ease with the conveniently located three front USB 3.0 ports. For the highest controller performance use the Collective Minds Tournament Play Cable. Running out of space on your hard drive is now a thing of the past.  Using the high speed SATA hard drive interface you can add nearly any size 2.5″ internal hard drive as you need.  Use a SSD drive, a Hybrid or standard drive – you decide your storage with the USB Hub and Hard Drive Enclosure flexible design.  Better yet the drive is hidden in a bay inside the hub so no ugly wires off your console.  You can now expand your game library with ease as the Plug and Play  technology of the USB Hub and Hard Drive Enclosure works with your Xbox One console and automatically sets up ANY* internal drive you add to the hub, not just your game saves but full game installs as well!  The Collective Minds USB Hub and Hard Drive Enclosure TM was crafted with the gamers most demanding needs in mind and is designed to match your Xbox One console perfectly – as if it was part of the console itself.”

Well, that’s fantastic for Xbox owners, and even better is that the Media Hub is available today! The PlayStation 4 doesn’t use a proprietary memory solution, which makes swapping out its internal storage incredibly easy, but what’s cheaper than a laptop HDD? Try a 3.5″ desktop HDD! In comes Nyko with the perfect add-on…


83223_data_bank_large Nyko PlayStation 4 Data Bank

“Conveniently upgrade your PlayStation 4 hard-drive space. The Data Bank for the PlayStation 4 allows for use of any 3.5” hard drive in lieu of the stock 2.5” hard drive. Simply remove the top cover of the PS4 and the internal drive by removing one screw with the included screw driver. Then you can snap the Data Bank into place. Once installed the Data Bank allows you to use any standard 3.5″ drive which are less expensive at higher capacities than the 2.5″ drives internally supported by the PS4. The unit also includes a front facing LED indicator which illustrates when the PlayStation 4 is accessing or saving content from the hard drive.”

The only problem with the PS4 option is that it isn’t available just yet. Nyko has plans to launch the device sometime this year but hasn’t nailed down a firm release date. In the mean time, upgrading your current HDD on Sony’s console is an option left up to what Google results you come up with searching for that 2.5″ internal.

The digital era is upon us and more and more downloadable titles continue to grow is size. What do you think the best solution is for your gaming box? Let us know what you decide or if you’ve found cheaper and more elegant add-on in the comments below.