Phil Spencer is gearing up the Xbox team in preparation for this year’s E3 presentation and has let us in on a little bit of his plan via twitter. Spencer plans to unveil a new exclusive IP and wants this year’s E3 to be “more about 1st part than past E3s.”

Now Microsoft’s past E3 events have focused primarily on 1st party games. Their 2014 E3 presentation was mainly about exclusives (timed and not) and a new IP called Sunset Overdrive. So that brings us to question how much more will this year’s E3 be about 1st party games and new IPs? Perhaps there could be more than one new IP. Whatever the case may be, this is a prime opportunity to draw more interest towards their latest console the Xbox One which has been consistently outpaced by their rival Sony’s PS4.

Spencer also noted that 3rd party games will be represented, he still wants to focus more on their 1st party properties.

But aside from all the games to look forward too, Microsoft is also coming out with their new operating system, Windows 10, that will bring a great deal of new features to Xbox and PC users and everyone wants to know more. Spencer plans on touching on a few of these features and announcing more games with cross-play capability as it is a hot item for gamers today.

We expect a lot from Microsoft this year and hopefully they will deliver some amazing games this year.