As of today, any users looking to find an ideal hosting service for Minecraft on PC don’t have to look further than the game’s creator.

Mojang themselves will now allow users to host their vast multiplayer Minecraft worlds for a $13 monthly fee on Mojang official servers labled “Minecraft Realms.”

Supporting up to 10 simultaneous players with up to 20 invited to each realm, Minecraft Realms will allow server administrators the right to roll back their hosted worlds to previous dates, should someone in your realm destroy or create something that is intolerable. Additionally, Minecraft Realms will enable minigames and other in-game events as a built-in service. Minigames are built-in modifications to the server, and Realms to date are not enabled for modding and texture packs – though the official FAQ specifies, “Not at the moment. Sorry,” as though it may become a future option.

Importing your existing Minecraft world is not enabled, but if you’re interested in exporting the world your team of friends have been working on, Mojang will allow for your world to be exported for your personal use. Realms will soon support an activity monitor to see which users log into the server at which times – allowing you to see if your friend no longer plays Minecraft on your server, so you can add and drop players as needed. Longer subscription options exist for Minecraft Realms as three month and six month options will save you on cost over the $13 monthly default.

Along with the news of an officially hosted server, Mojang also cleared up a topic that we mentioned yesterday – the new iteration of Minecraft for Xbox One will allow for world files to be imported from your existing Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Similar plans are on track for the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft and the PlayStation 4 offering, due out later this year. No further details were given on PlayStation cross-buy options, or discounts as mentioned on the PlayStation Blog yesterday.

Those interested in signing up for Minecraft Realms may do so on the official Mojang Minecraft Realms website. For more information, see the Realms FAQ over on