During a conversation on the Official PlayStation Blog, Mojang’s own Owen Hill brought some light to the coming of the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita offerings of their number one title, Minecraft – coming this year.

Announced last August, well before the November launch of the PlayStation 4, Minecraft for PS4 and PS Vita is now promised to be “up-to-date with console versions” already existing on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Regardless of whether you play on the Vita or the PS4 console, Hill commented that we can expect “lovely and smooth” frame rates in the coming mid-year launch.

If you’re an existing owner of the PS3 port of Minecraft, news on the cross-buy options aren’t set in stone just yet, but Mr. Hill was able to note that Mojang is looking to roll out a world transfer option from PS3 to PS4, and potentially the Vita as well. Given the choice, Mojang appears to be targeting at least a discount for the PS Vita version of Minecraft for those who already own the title on PS3 – sad news for PS4 customers, but an unlikely move as the company could move solidly in full cross-buy or nothing at all and still move millions of digital downloads.

PlayStation 3 versions of Minecraft still have yet to launch internationally, as May 14th marks the European and Australian release. The PlayStation 4 launch of Minecraft is expected to mimic what Mojang touted for Xbox One in larger worlds and more multiplayer – closer in kin to that of the PC counterpart.