For the 14 million players who own and love Minecraft, some have made the venture to the mobile version, Minecraft: Pocket Edition only to find the title felt smaller in both draw distance and world scale. Given that a mobile phone is drastically slower than your average PC, this idea makes a lot of sense, but Mojang isn’t going to sit idly by and allow their fans to be dissatisfied.

Mojang recently announced on its website that their team is completely reworking the code to allow for “…significantly bigger world in future updates,” and given the expanding resources on mobile these days, we should all be very excited. Mojang plans to update the AI functions in Pocket Edition, as well as inventory and “a bunch of other things” in the coming months, but has no projected time table saying only that “everything is going to plan.”


As part of the “bunch of other things” mentioned on the Mojang official blog, we can see from the given screenshot that pet dogs have made their way to mobile in the v0.9.0 Alpha build, and given the fast pace Mojang is moving forward across all platforms, be prepared to shell out some money to quell your creative beasts as Minecraft makes its way to PS4 and finally breaks out on mobile very soon!