Any fan of Minecraft, or fans of Telltale Games productions ought to love hearing that a high quality Minecraft story is coming soon. Minecraft: Story Mode is available for testing at PAX Prime 2015 and we’ve had a hands-on with the spectacular vision Telltale Games will bring next year.

Unleashed officially at Minecon, Minecraft: Story Mode is the latest project in a storied history of fantastic games from Telltale Games. Having developed fantastic titles already, such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and the ongoing Game of Thrones and Borderlands series, there’s nothing Telltale can’t do right. With an amazing cast, headlined by Patton Oswalt, Telltale is following a familiar path of game play and suspense in a toned-down narrative that’s suitable for kids.

Putting in a solid demo, our hands-on experience with the game does everything that you love in a telltale series, including the addition of Minecraft-specific elements like item construction on a crafting table and wooden swords breaking with excessive use. Combat is varied for the first time ever in a Telltale title, allowing you to completely dodge environmental hazards, or if you don’t, you’ll be presented with the familiar quick-time-event style we’ve come to know and love.

As it stands, there is no reason you shouldn’t love Minecraft: Story Mode when it hits digital and physical markets. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information on the game as it releases from Telltale. For now, have a look at these all-new screenshots presented at PAX Prime 2015.